Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost?

Cabchooze Smartphone app is completely free! Free to download and free to hail a taxi. There are no hidden charges and you pay for what bid you chooze. Also don’t pay anything above the meter. Do rate the Driver to serve you better.

When / how do I pay the driver?

Pay on reaching the destination. Mode of payment as usual (Cash/EFTPOS/Credit Card)

What if ... there are no taxis available?

That’s the last thing that we would see happening. Cabchooze has over 600 licenced drivers in Auckland, and their membership is increasing rapidly.

When you Call a Cab using Cabchooze, you may experience a few minutes delay before you begin receiving bids. This can happen if the taxis near you are in-motion. For safety reasons, Cabchooze Drivers are not supposed to bid while the taxi is in-motion, so it may take a minute for them to pull over and place a bid for you.

If you do not see any bids at all after 3-5 minutes, simply cancel the previous request and tap a new request to re-submit it, or wait a few minutes and try again Or call 0800 007 3000 and 24x7 call centre friendly staff will assist.

Cabchooze is a real-time service. Demand and Supply in a transportation sector is dynamic. During busy/peak/late hours period Cabchooze app is an ideal Technological option which may respond to and make Taxi Transportation Management efficient, productive and cost effective. The end result- Commuters/ Public are the winner. 21st century Taxi Industry reform happening worldwide is- Change and technological advancement.

What’s in it for me?

You as a boss now have the control on your fingertips.

Belief of Cabchooze Drivers is that “Customer is the King”.

Imagine when need a ride, Cabchooze provides you with a Value greater compared to other apps in the market- Fixed Fare, Speed, Convenience and a Safe ride in a licenced Taxi with few taps of finger – Easy as.

Key Benefits

Fixed Fare- The only Taxi model providing Fixed Fares

Book a cab from anywhere -at any time from your smartphone. No more waiting for a dispatcher to pick up the phone, no more busy tone ringing in your ears.

Choose the most appealing option - whether you want a cheaper taxi, or a quicker one. Compare several competing offers and you chooze the best one for you - lowest cost versus nearest taxis.

Know the cost of the journey in advance. No more guessing whether you will have enough to pay the fare! No more worries when the traffic is thick, or the driver isn't taking the route you expected.

No phone conversation is required (great for noisy venues). Book a taxi while you are in a business meeting or in a busy night club.

Cabchooze is 100% free to download, free to use, and there is no added cost to your taxi bookings.

Improved personal safety: only licensed operators are registered with us.

Offers great independence to non-English speakers, as well as speech and hearing-impaired people who might have difficulty communicating with drivers.

I've changed my mind, can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can. Cabchooze service is a real time service and the driver’s response is usually quick (over 600 cabchooze member cabs are moving Auckland wide). Our endeavour is that before the end of 2015 bid turnaround time on your Smartphone should be under a minute, and you won’t have enough time to change your mind. In all fairness as a one off case, we suggest you to make a courtesy call to the Taxi Driver or 0800 007 3000 and our friendly team will surely support.

Important: mobile numbers of users who abuse the Cabchooze service by accepting the bid but don’t turn up, will be blocked after the third no-show reported by the driver.

When I request for a Taxi using Cabchooze Smartphone app, will my details be shared with the bidding driver?

Your phone no. remains secured in Cabchooze cloud server and is not visible to the driver until the time you have accepted the bid. Once you accept a bid, the winning driver is given your exact pickup address and destination. The driver's app also has a "call" button in case they need to speak with you directly to coordinate your pickup. If this button is pressed, the driver will make a standard mobile-to-mobile call to you, and the driver can see your phone number.

Cabchooze is a communication channel and technology platform that connects licenced Taxi operators with potential customers.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Some more useful tips for our users...

To prevent abuse of the Cabchooze system, mobile numbers of users who accept a bid but do not turn up for the taxi ride, will be blocked after the third no-show reported by the driver.

If you wish to use the Map feature in order to track the driver, your smartphone GPS needs to be active.

If your carrier data signal is weak and/or your data plan has been exhausted, the Cabchooze app will not perform. In this case, you can locate a nearby Wifi signal and use that instead.